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We closed our brick and mortar store a couple of years ago, due to the economy and Amy's declining health. We have decided that for the time being a small website will have to do....

Our scooters are locally made on an Amish farm,  Amy just made an arrangement to have them powder coated in custom colors.

Our wagons are also made locally by an Amish family.


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These scooters are made on a local Amish Farm. They are the same scooters that are used here by our Amish neighbors, except Amy has them custom powder coated in fun colors. These are exactly the same as the scooters seen on "Amish Mafia" and other shows and movies that feature Amish. We have provided some of these production companies with scooters over the years.

These wagons are made on a local Amish Farm.
They are of the highest quality materials and construction.
There are models made of plastic, steel and of course wood.